Our OMEO VINEYARD is located in the rocky foot hills of the Earnscleugh Valley.

Established in 1998 on a gentle north facing glacial river terrace. Free draining schist and gravel soils, high sunshine hours and low rainfall produce a small crop of ripe intensely flavoured grapes. Our OMEO name is derived from the local area, gully and creek which were once mined for gold in the 1860’s, and now small pockets of vineyards and orchards flourish. Our close planted vineyard is meticulously hand tended and grown with a minimal spray program and careful irrigation to ensure high quality.

The vineyard area is only 1 hectare ( 2.47 acres ) mostly planted in Pinot Noir ( 90% ) with 6 different clones, producing a soft fruity red wine with good depth of flavour and layers of complexity. The remaining 10% is planted in Riesling, producing an off dry white wine with crisp citrus and refreshing stone fruit flavours. Production is very limited, approx. 200 cases of Pinot Noir & 45 cases of Riesling. Traditional and modern winemaking technics are used to allow the vineyard to clearly express itself through our wines.